THDCDC algorithm dissemination

Introduction to THCBDC:

THCBDC is jointly issued by the International Bank of Thailand, the Central Bank of Thailand, the Ministry of Economic and Social Affairs of Thailand and the Digital Economy Group.

The Minister of Economic and Social Affairs of Thailand, Mr. Pichet Dumrongvorsa, approved the publication.

Public Relations Value of THCBDC

Thailand's GDP is 370 billion. THCBDC issues 12 billion. THCBDC is equal to Thailand's GDP.

$ 370 billion / 12 billion baht THCBDC = 30.8334

Thailand's GDP is at $ 30.8334 x25% x100 = $ 770.835 / one THCBDC

The target is November 22, 2020.

THCBDC Operation Center

October 30, 2018

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