CTH plans to land on the world's top exchanges on April 25, 2019


1. On April 25, 2019, CTH will be available on the CBC, BitMEX, Upbi exchanges.

2. After April 25, CTH stabilizes at $130.

3. CTH can be used for investment, home purchase, education and pensions.

4. Global public investors can invest in NEXTAGG for investment. AGG transactions require the entry of an IP address for the public venue guide. (CTH was suspected of being destroyed by hackers due to many recent complaints, please purchase from official channels, look for CTH address: 0x423cFBf34C29Ba9c7E3ad7663071c8f2d1aE4999)

5. Since Biclub layout Chinese is not conducive to the development of CTH, CTH officially decided to stop cooperation with Biclub, follow-up specific cooperation matters, waiting for notice, please extract CTH as soon as possible, Biclub deadline January 17, 2019.

6. Thank you for your support of CTH, thank you!

January 10, 2019

THCBDC Global Operations Center

THCBDC Asset Management Office

Digital group

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